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    [Dialog] get 활용 – 1

    A: 너 좀 탔다?A: You look a bit tanned. B: (“장난치냐” 라는 모습을 보이며)B: (Gives a look of “Are you kidding?”) A: 아 맞다! 너 여행 어땠어?A: Oh, that’s right! How was your…

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    [English] Writing 4

    A: 야, 지난번에 내가 말한 영화 기억해? 나 봤어.A: Hey, remember that movie I told you about last time? I watched it. B: 뭐야 안 본다면서?B: What?! I thought you weren’t watching that.…

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    [English] Writing 3

    내일 비오니?Is it raining tomorrow? 내가 알기론 아니야.Not that I know of.(Not that I’m aware of.) 좋아Good. 왜?Why? 나 내일 집보러 가는데 비오면 귀찮으니까.I’m going apartment hunting and I would hate to do…

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    [English] Writing 2

    A: 야, 토요일에 왜 안 왔어?A: Hey! How come we didn’t see you on Saturday?(how come: why와 비슷한 역할로, 기대했던 것과 달랐을 때 사용) B: 나 주말 내내 집에 있었어.B: I was home…

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    [English] Dialog 1

    1st Story 월요일마다 난 온라인으로 몇 가지 물건을 사. 그리고 각 상품을 일주일에 걸쳐서 다른 날에 배송 받도록 해.On Mondays, I go online and order a few things and I schedule the deliveries…