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[Dialog] get 활용 – 1

A: 너 좀 탔다?
A: You look a bit tanned.

B: (“장난치냐” 라는 모습을 보이며)
B: (Gives a look of “Are you kidding?”)

A: 아 맞다! 너 여행 어땠어?
A: Oh, that’s right! How was your trip?

B: 음, 대단한 경험이였어.
B: Well, it was quite an experience.

A: 말하는게 뭔가 이상한게 있네.
A: OK. There’s something a little off about the way you say that.

B: 음, 내가 생각했던 것보다 좀 더 모험적이였지.
B: Well, let’s just say it was a bit more adventerous than I thought it would be / than I normally like my traveling to be.

A: 어, 좋지 않은 것 처럼 들리네. 뭐 길 잃거나 했어?
A: Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound good. Did you get lost or something?

B: 아니, 길 안 잃었어.
B: No. I didn’t get lost.

A: 너 강도한테 안 당했지? 그렇지?
A: You didn’t get robbed, did you?

B: 이렇게 불러도 될진 모르겠지만, 소매치기 당하긴 했어.
B: I don’t know if you can call it that, but I did get pickpocketed.

A: 오우, 내말은 완전히 그 축에 속하지, 근데 진짜 끔찍하다.
A: Oh no. I mean, yeah that definitelly qualifies as “getting robbed”, but that’s terrible.

B: 다행이, 정말 비싼걸 잃어버리진 않았어. 단지 라이터랑 현금 조금.
B: Fortunately, I didn’t get anything too valuable stolen. Just a lighter and a little bit of cach.

A: 오, 나쁘진 않나?
A: Oh, that’s not too bad I guess.

B: 비록 그 라이터는 아내 선물이긴 했지만.
B: Although, the lighter WAS a gift from my wife.

A: 내가 한말은 잊어버려. 완전 끔찍하네.
A: Oh, nevermind then. That’s messed up.

B: 그래서 그날 최대한 도움을 구해서 되찾으려고 몇시간 썼어.
B: … which is why I spent a couple of hours that day trying to get help to maybe get it back.

A: 그래서 찾았어?
A: Any luck?

B: 아니. 내가 말 걸었던 경찰관은 완전 대충 대답했어.
B: No. The policemen I talked to were very very unreponsive.

A: 그래, 나같으면 그런거 그 사람들한테 기대 안해.
A: Yeah, I wouldn’t count on them to take something like that seriously.
(count on S/O: S/O에게 기대하다)

B: 근데 나 해야했어.
B: I had to try though.

A: 맞아 물론이지.
A: Right. Of course.

B: 어쨋든, 그것 때문에 나중에 그날 밤 아팠어.
B: Anyway, that little incident actually got me sick later that night.

A: 무슨말이야? 어떻게 아팠다는거야?
A: What do you mean? Sick how?

B: 음, 아마 나한테 스트레스가 좀 있었고, 그래서 아팠어. 내가 먹은거 다 토했고, 다음날 아침까지 침대에 있었어.
B; Well, I think the stress was a little too much for me and I got sick. I threw up everything I ate and I was stuck in bed until the next morning.

A: 아마 너 식중독 걸렸나보네.
A: Maybe you just got food poisoning.

B: 근데 내 아내는 괜찮았어. 난 모르겠네.
B: Could be, but my wife was fine, so.. I don’t know.

A: 음, 최소한 너가 다치거나 납치된건 아니지?
A: Well, at least you didn’t get hurt or kidnapped. Right?

B: 그래. 그게 내 아내가 말한거야.
B: Yeah. That’s what my wife said.

A: 넌 안전하게 돌아왔잖아. 외국에서 일어날 수 있는 일ㄹ들로 말하자면 물건 몇개 잃어버리는건 걱정할 일도 아니지.
A: You got back home safely. Trust me, when it comes to things that can happen overseas, getting a few things stolen is the least of your worries.

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